Embassies and Consulates

How can ISO standards help an Embassy or Consulate?

For more than 25 years, organizations in all industries have been using ISO 9001 and similar management system standards to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. QSI’s experience with embassies and other government entities has resulted in the use of ISO 9001 as a means of optimizing budgets to ensure that adequate resources for the mission effectively deliver services in line with national interests.

Embassies and consulates are continually challenged to demonstrate effective and efficient facilities management in support of mission objectives. ISO 41001 specifies the requirements for a facility management system (FM) that aligns with the compliance obligations of the Embassy.

On the other hand, defense departments around the world require that security service providers comply with the requirements contained in ISO 18788, a standard that provides a risk management framework for organizations that conduct or contract security operations and related activities and functions. QSI’s extensive experience in the security and defense sector can help ensure that the management system for foreign missions is aligned with the requirements of ISO 18788.

Finally, the volume of inside information handled by embassies and Consulates require the strictest level of control. ISO 27001 and its derived standards provide the latest criteria on how to manage information security, including controls for cybersecurity threats.

How can QSI help ensure the overall effectiveness of your overseas mission?

▪ External / Certification Audits: QSI can support your operational improvement efforts through independent external audits of your critical operations. These assessments are based on the requirements of the relevant ISO standards and serve as the basis for certification and recognition.

▪ Training: QSI can provide basic training on the fundamentals of the relevant ISO standards and / or the applicable regulatory requirements related to the associated risk activity.

▪ Software: We help optimize your management systems and / or processes to help ensure optimal performance and compliance with ISO standards and / or compliance obligations.

▪ Project management: We can help ensure the timely and effective implementation of your projects to ensure compliance with the obligations and / or any strategic objective of the organization.

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