QSI offers a variety of support services to help your organization achieve effective and efficient its objectives, mission-critical.

Given our 30 years of experience working with corporations and government institutions, Fortune 100, our professional services and experienced value-added can help your organization to increase operational effectiveness through the application of best practices based on standards of international renown.



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About QSI

Help your venture succeed

With the objective of supporting your organization to achieve your life goals effectively and efficiently, QSI provides a diverse set of support services. 

Our experience of three decades working together with businesses and government organizations listed in the Fortune 100, allows us to offer professional services that add significant value to your organization. We strive to increase their operational efficiency through the implementation of best practices based on recognized international standards.

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Years of

More than 30 years of multinational experience

Founded in New Jersey, the united States, in 1993, for more than 30 years, QSI has been providing audit and certification mainly based on ISO standards for management systems.

Currently based in Orlando, Florida, we have regional offices in Madrid, Spain, as well as in San José, Costa Rica. We provide specialized services to clients in all over the world and we have provided services to organizations in more than 15 countries.

Specialized in the formation of ISO auditors and auditors leaders, the Academy QSI has trained more than 10,000 professionals in more than 40 countries.

Our reputation as a leader in audit and ISO certification is based on our commitment to excellence and personalized attention to each client.

The international recognition of our accreditations strengthens your certificate!

The program of QSI to issue certificates of management systems ISO internationally accredited according to ISO 17021-1. This specific rule is related to the requirements for bodies operating audit and certification of management systems. To follow this standard, QSI ensures that offers high-quality services and in accordance with the international regulations recognized.